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93-500 Space-Grade Encapsulant

Two-part, transparent, solventless silicone encapsulant. Used as an embedding and potting compound to provide resilient environmental protection for modules, power supplies, cable connectors, or complete electronic assemblies. Exceeds requirements of NASA SP-R-0022A for thermal vacuum low outgassing. Wide operating temperature range from −115°C to 200°C.

  • Manufacturer: Dow Corning
  • No Export License Required
  • Lead Time: 12-15 Days
93-104 Ablative Material

Dow Corning® 93-104 is a two-part ablative coating used to protect rocket nozzles and launch platforms. It provides superior performance under high shear, high flux environments and will withstand temperatures from −65°C to 200°C and up to 3000°C for several minutes.

  • Manufacturer: Dow Corning
  • Export Controlled: US
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