Mach I, Inc. USA
Specialty Chemicals Let Your Chemical Needs Reach Mach I


We are a high-technology performance chemical company that provides innovative products and services to the nano structure, advanced materials, and aerospace industries.

Nanomaterials, aerospace ingredients and specialty chemicals are manufactured by MACH I at our plant in Pennsylvania, USA. We are also the global distributor of 3M specialty chemicals for propellants, ordnance and pyrotechnics and an authorized Dow Corning distributor of aerospace sealants and ablatives and potting agents.

Mach I Innovation-Stage-Gate Process
  • Research to Prove Feasibility;
  • Development to Demonstrate Feasibility;
  • Commercialization and Transition to ongoing Business.

This unique approach comes with firm technical, commercial, and financial objectives and milestones at each stage. There is extensive customer or potential customer involvement in the development and commercialization stages. Read more

Benefit from over 20 Years of Global Experience

Mach I, Inc. offers a full range of licensing services with regards to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). We help our customers, both foreign and domestic, interpret complex export regulations that are applicable to their product and technology requirements.