Mach I, Inc. USA
Speciality Chemicals Let Your Chemical Needs Reach Mach I
Custom Manufactoring and Materials Drying

MACH I has 15 years of experience in the custom manufacturing and materials drying business. We have expertise ranging from lab bench and analytical characterization to commercial tolling. MACH I, Inc. assists custom manufacturing and technical needs in the following processing areas:

  • Technical and Consulting Services
  • Product Development
  • Raw Materials Procurement
  • Pilot Runs and Scale-up
  • Wet Processing and Blending
  • Evaporization/Condensing Services
  • Product Enzyme Modification
  • Spray Drying and Dehydration of Food Ingredients
  • Roller and Foam Drying
  • In-line Particle Size Separation
  • Dry Blending
  • Specialty Packing
  • QC and Analytical Services
  • Polymer Purification
Specialty Encapsulation and Complexation

MACH I has developed a new starch derived polymer (Cyclodextrin Polymer) which has vast applications in the encapsulation and complexation of aerospace, biotech/personal care product and chemical ingredients.

We also provide specialty encapsulation to the U.S. government of fuels, antifoulant agents, and stress sensitive systems. By altering the coating process we can deliver a specific particle size, shape and capsule thickness for varying desired characteristics. Such technology and expertise allows MACH I to offer this encapsulation service to other markets such as aerospace and personal care products.