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Nanocat® Superfine Iron Oxide (SFIO)

NANOCAT® Superfine Iron Oxide is an amorphous ferric oxide with a much finer particle size and greater specific surface area than any other commercially available form. It excels as a catalyst for chemical processes including synthesis, cracking, and oxidation. In solid rocket propellants it provides high burning rate, low pressure exponent, and safety. Properly dispersed, it is a remarkably effective screening agent for ultraviolet light. Synthesized by a unique vapor-phase process, NANOCAT® SFIO is free of impurities that poison conventional catalysts and is suitable for use in foods, drugs, and cosmetics.

Nanocat® Magnetic Iron Oxide Powder

Chemical name: iron oxide powder (II, III); chemical formula: Fe3O4. This powder is produced using electric explosion of metallic wire in air. Iron oxide powder (II, III) finds its application in the manufacture of magnetic storage devices.

Nanocat® Titanium Oxide Powder

Chemical formula TiO2. This material was prepared using electric explosion of titanium wire in oxygen-containing atmosphere. Chemical composition: titanium oxide (TiO2) - 95% wt; unreacted titanium – 3%; adsorbed air; hydrocarbons and moisture – about 1%. Titanium Oxide powder can be used in electrical ceramics and composites.

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