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Nanocat® Aluminum Oxide-Hydroxide Powder

Synonym: Aluminum Hydroxide Nanofibers; trademark: NanoCeram. Chemical formulas of constituent phases: А1, АlО3, А1ООН, А1(ОН)3. This material is available in two versions: (1) IPC - with basic constituent AlOOH and (2) DTC – with basic constituent Υ-Al2O3. Aluminum oxide-hydroxide powder finds its application in adsorbents for water purification from both industrial and microbiological contaminations, dental cements, and in materials sciences as a filler for polymer matrixes.

Nanocat® Inconel 625 Powder

Chemical name: alloy NiCr powder; chemical formula: powder – NiCr. This powder was prepared by electric explosion of a metallic wire in argon and packaged in glass ampoules or bottles under inert atmosphere. This material may be applied in catalysis and materials sciences.

Nanocat® Titanium Nitrade Powder

Chemical formula: TiN. This material was prepared using electric explosion of titanium wire in ammonium NH3-containing atmosphere. Titanium Nitrade powder can be used in electrical ceramics and composites.

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