Mach I, Inc. USA
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Mach I Research and Development

MACH I, Inc. was formed in 1985 to fill the niche area of manufacturing and selling aerospace ingredients globally. Since then, the company has grown and was listed by the Wharton School of Business as one of the top 100 growing companies in the Philadelphia region. Although our vision is still based on coming up with innovative products and technology, our market focus has expanded. To advance our position as a frontrunner in the area of nano-structured and advanced materials, MACH I is continuing to create and develop new technology and materials.

Particular emphasis is put on pursuing research to develop new propellant, ordnance and pyrotechnic ingredients to fill existing voids in the industry. To this end, Mach I has developed new bonding agents (TITBA and DITBA) compatible with nitramines and nitrate esters. Additionally, we have developed high-density compounds, such as aluminum/zirconium and boron/magnesium, which have applications in both propellants and enhanced blast.

MACH I also has a strong relationship with 3M. As a partner with 3M we promote new 3M technologies at technical forums and collaborate with 3M regarding the research, development, and commercialization of new technologies at MACH I and 3M.

Government Sponsored Research & Development

MACH I, Inc. has ongoing development programs with the Army, Navy, Air Force and NASA research centers involving the use of its NANOCAT® Superfine Iron Oxide as a solid rocket fuel burning rate catalyst. In the past ten years, MACH I has been awarded over fifty DOD contracts.