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HX-752 Dynamar™ Bonding Agent for Ammonium Perchlorate

A bonding agent is a substance used to improve the mechanical properties of a composite system by increasing the adhesion between the filler particles and the rubbery matrix. Effective with Ammonium Perchlorate in butadiene binders. HX-752 releases virtually no ammonia and can be used with a short mix cycle.

HX-878/HX-879/HX-880 Dynamar™ Bonding Agents for Ammonium Perchlorate

HX-878, HX-879, and HX-880 liberate plenty of ammonia and require a long mix cycle. All 3 products aid in lowering mix viscosity.

HX-868 Dynamar™ Curative and Liner Adhesion Promoter

HX-868 works as a crosslinker for carboxy-functional polymers and also functions as a liner ahdesion enhancement agent with isocyanate-cured propellants containing Ammonium Perchlorate.

DITBA-TITBA Bonding Agent/Curative

Difunctional (DITBA) and trifunctional (TITBA) isocyante bonding agents increase solubility, decrease reactivity, and optimize binder-filler interaction. Bonding activity is created by delocalization of electrons in a ring structure to form ion-dipole and dipole-dipole interactions. Developed and manufactured by Mach I, Inc. primarily for use in nitramine and nitrate esters propellant systems.

  • Manufacturer: Mach I
  • Export Controlled: US
  • Lead Time: 30 Days
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