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DMAZ Liquid Fuel

Dimethylamine-2-ethylazide (DMAZ) has been developed by 3M company as a reduced toxicity liquid fuel candidate for replacement of hydrazine in some propellant applications. MACH I is both performing SBIR research to develop an improved catalyst system for DMAZ as well as representing 3M for the distribution and sale of DMAZ.

  • Manufacturer: 3M
  • Export Controlled: US
CAMES® Sensors

CAMES® Sensors detect shear and contact stress and indicate the specified level via the release of a core dye. When on-line shear stress exceeds the pre-determined threshold established for the CAMES® Sensors, the microcapsule ruptures and the indicator core is released. CAMES® Sensors are available at various calibrated shear stress levels.

  • Manufacturer: Mach I
  • No Export License Required
PRO-TECH® Metal Stabilizers

PRO-TECH® Stabilizers are manufactured by MACH I for use as metal deactivators and antioxidants in solid rocket propellants and energetic binders. PRO-TECH® Stabilizers are superior to other antioxidants because they suppress both accelerated urethane curing and oxidative curing. Propellants that contain burning rate catalysts and are exposed to severe or extended aging need metal deactivation as well as antioxidant. Only PRO-TECH® Stabilizers offer this dual protection. The 2000 series of PRO-TECH® is phenol based and the 3000 series is amine based.

  • Manufacturer: Mach I
  • Export Controlled: US
  • Lead Time: 30 days
ULTRAWET® Surfactants

MACH I has developed a new line of our ULTRAWET® Surfactants as a processing aid for melt cast explosives. Under U.S. government-sponsored Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contracts supported by the U.S. Air Force, MACH I developed these Alkylated Vinyl Pyrrolidone processing aids for use in Nitrotriazolone (NTO), Trinitrotoluene (TNT) and wax systems.

  • Manufacturer: Mach I
  • No Export License Required
Custom Manufactured POP Ingredients
  • Liquid Di-Isocyanate Isodecylpelargonate (IDP)
  • 2,5 Ditertiary Butyl Hydroquinone (DTBHQ)
  • Tert Butyl Hydroquinone (TBHQ)
  • 1,2,4 Butane Triol Trinitrate (BTTN)
  • Cyclotetramethylenetetranitramine (HMX)
  • Bisdinitropopyl acetal/formal (BDNPA-F)
  • N-methyl-4-nitroaniline (nMNA)
  • Nitrodiphenyl amine (2-NDPA)
  • Hydroxy terminated polyether (TPEG)
  • Lecethin aerospace-grade Hydroxy terminate polybutadiene (HTPB)
  • Dioctyl Adipate (DOA)
  • Dioctyl Sebicate (DOS)
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