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FC-2175 Dense Highly-Fluorinated Elastomer

FC-2175 is a copolymer of Hexafluoropropylene and Vinylidene Fluoride, about 80,000 molecular weight and a specific gravity of 1.8. It is chemically the same as Viton (trademark of duPont) and Technoflon (trademark of Montefluos) fluoroelastomers and can be substituted for them in MTV (Magnesium/Teflon/Viton) type pyrotechnic compositions and in high-energy plastic bonded explosives, such as PBX N5.

FK-800 Dense Highly-Fluorinated Polymer

FK-800 is a copolymer of Chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE) and Vinylidene Fluoride (VF2). It is soluble in conventional solvents and therefore may be used in laquers, paints and putties, as well as binders for plastic bonded explosives, pyrotechnics, propellants, and other matrices. FK-800 is resistant to acids and most bases and has a very low permeability to moisture.

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